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Why Timbermill® Vinyl Siding Products

Timbermill® Vinyl siding offers everything you love about natural cedar…

Longer lasting than wood siding.Except the sanding, staining, splintering, warping, weathering and worry. It’s the high performance, low-maintenance, affordable alternative to wood. Perfect when used as a primary siding, or as an accent to stone, brick or other cladding. Timbermill® is available in three profiles, to replicate three popular cedar siding patterns and two stunning, no-fade colors. Recreate your favorite natural cedar look and never have to undertake the maintenance that actual wood siding demands. 
•       Faux wood siding complete with knots and grain patterns give a realistic wood appearance
•       Panels are a mix of varying patterns to achieve an authentically random look
•       Blends well with traditional siding materials when used as an accent

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